A Smarter Way to Accelerate Sales
A Smarter Way to Accelerate Sales
A Smarter Way to Accelerate Sales

Vendor Offerings

Creditsafe revolutionizes the way people make business decisions.  It provides high-quality, non-biased credit data, with detailed corporate fundamental and officer information; it does so for over 80 countries, with better pricing and better terms of use than competitive offerings. Creditsafe appeals to a range of customers, from Chief Financial Officers to Quantitative Trading Analysts; from average individuals to corporate giants alike.  This is why the company is the most used provider of business credit reports in the world.

Quincy Data distributes a highly optimized market data feed service, over ultra low-latency microwave based network connections, at the major exchange co-location data centers, in Illinois, New Jersey, London, and Frankfurt.

Interxion (NYSE: INXN) is a leading provider of colocation data centers throughout Europe. In particular, its London data center has a large presence of financial services companies due to its thriving capital markets community, twelve exchange POPs (points of presence), central location between London's major liquidity venues, and unsurpassed cloud and connectivity options, including low latency microwave services from McKay Brothers/Quicy Data.

Trillium Surveyor is a patented post-trade surveillance platform that processes full depth-of-book market data to detect compliance events with unsurpassed accuracy.  Surveyor displays its results in an intuitive graphical user interface with all supporting data on one screen, significantly improving workflow efficiency.

Incapture Technologies supports and develops Rapture, an open and extensible, information curation platform. targeted at technology savvy, information workers. Rapture shortens the development cycle of complex projects thereby significantly improving business agility. Purpose built for the Capital Markets Industry, it has particular focus on research & analysis, risk & compliance, and other data driven business lines.

TRG provides spend management solutions enabling enterprises to gain total cost transparency and control of their entire universe of corporate subscriptions, recurring expenses and vendor relationships.  TRG’s FITS platform gives you the clarity you need to take control of all your market data and enterprise subscription spend across the enterprise, saving you time and money.  FITS tracks, organizes, calculates and provides advanced reporting on all vendors, contracts, products and users and maximizes the return on every dollar spent.  TRG's clients realize direct cost savings ranging from 10%-30%, with over $300 million in savings to date.


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