USAM Group

Solving problems. Closing deals.

Solving problems

How can firms stay up-to-date on the best new solutions to complex problems without spending all day, every day, researching vendors?


Take one meeting with a USAM representative and:

  • learn about a variety of fresh approaches to your business and technology challenges
  • explore outstanding products and services that have been vetted using our proven process
  • Save time and stay current with the latest industry trends.
  • Build long-term, trusted relationships with experienced professionals who listen before prescribing a solution.
  • Be confident in choosing one of our proven providers.

Closing Deals

How can information and technology vendors successfully grow their client base and increase revenues without the cost and risk of hiring salespeople?


From opening doors to closing deals, USAM helps your firm break into the market by:

  • designing and optimizing your go-to-market strategy
  • distilling messaging to show the offering’s value clearly
  • creating collateral that concisely communicates its benefits
  • building a sales pipeline in target segments or regions
  • guiding buyers from discovery to contract signature
  • Close more deals.
  • Limit your overhead.
  • Reduce your risk.