USAM Group

Growing Enterprise Sales

Every firm aspires to have experienced sales and marketing professionals executing a well-honed strategic plan.

But what if you’re not ready to hire and manage full-time staff?  Or you’ve had limited success doing so in the past?  Or you need help developing that strategic plan?  Maybe you just want to test a new market before employing locally.

That’s where USAM comes in.

We reduce business development risk by giving you an exemplary team, from strategic advisors to enterprise salespeople and marketing execs, while letting you share the cost with other innovative and complementary companies. 

With USAM, you deploy staff as needed throughout your critical growth phases, maximizing your talent budget and managing your cost of sales.

Even the very best products don’t sell themselves.

Bringing an enterprise information or technology offering to market takes skill, focus, and patience.

Infinite market opportunity doesn’t mean an unlimited sales budget.

We’ll help you find the market fit, distill the best messaging, and close more deals.

We close deals for technology and information providers by following our proven process:

  1. Articulate the essential value of each offering.
  2. Design and execute a strategic plan to create awareness.
  3. Build the sales pipeline and close deals.

Our uniquely valuable shared-service approach delivers a cross-functional team of experienced business development professionals at a lower cost and faster ROI than hiring a comparable staff.

Technology and information buyers also benefit because we help them save time and avoid risk by representing a portfolio of proven solutions that we’ve pre-screened for quality and value.