USAM Group

  Growing Enterprise Sales 

Does your firm need help growing enterprise sales? Do you hope to avoid the risk of hiring more full-time staff?

USAM is your solution.

Our fractional team of advisors, salespeople, and marketers helps enterprise technology and information providers find and close new deals faster and at 40% less cost than hiring a comparable team.

For over a decade, USAM’s global pool of proven talent has helped solution providers:

  • Reduce hiring risk
  • Expand sales opportunities
  • Control the cost of sales

Meanwhile, our network of buyers save time and avoid risk by shopping from our portfolio of proven vendor offerings.

Even the very best products don’t sell themselves.

Bringing an enterprise information or technology offering to market takes skill, focus, and patience.

Infinite market opportunity doesn’t mean an unlimited sales budget.

We’ll help you find the market fit, distill the best messaging, and close more deals.

Growing technology and information providers looking to step off the founder-led sales treadmill and established firms looking to test new markets count on USAM to accelerate their go-to-market journeys. 

Our proven approach covers all the bases:

  • Business analysis:  Analyze all aspects of the go-to-market strategy.
  • Value messaging:  Articulate and validate each offering’s essential value.
  • Demand generation:  Design and execute a client awareness plan.
  • Sales:  Build a sales pipeline and close deals.
  • Account growth:  Manage relationships to strengthen and expand existing accounts.