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Our Story

While working at a major stock exchange and other large corporations, I was simultaneously impressed by their sales and marketing capabilities while being underwhelmed by their commitment to developing new and improved technology solutions. My vision for USAM Group was to bring a top-of-the-line, shared sales and marketing system to smaller companies that are changing the industry.

I founded USAM to bridge the gap between founder-led sales and later-stage direct staffing. Since our first client signed on in 2014, we’ve evaluated hundreds of fintech companies and helped more than 50 best-in-class providers grow revenue and expand their footprint.

Feargal O'Sullivan

Founder & CEO, USAM Group Inc

We are USAM

We are data driven

With our proprietary Sales Slicer benchmarks, USAM shows you where your opportunities are in the sales cycle, and our comparative analysis advises us on the best actions to keep them progressing. Moving deals through the pipeline is what we do.

We are cost-effective

We charge for the work we do to further your objectives. Even with a team on your account, you may spend less than the cost of just one full-time sales representative. We keep everyone on the same page with regular check-ins, detailed activity reports, and access to Sales Slicer.

We are focused, yet flexible

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the ups and downs of growing a business. As your partner, we can accelerate or throttle our sales efforts over time to suit your objectives and budget. You simply can’t do that with full-time staff on board.

We are global

With sales team members in major financial centers around the world, USAM can go global for you while simultaneously concentrating on closing deals in the regions and market segments with the greatest potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Fintech Providers
1. Why do I need USAM?

Because even the best products don’t sell themselves.

In fact, studies have shown that over 50% of a buyer’s decision criteria is weighted to their sales experience – more than all other factors combined.  USAM’s focus is on that customer journey, and we’ve mastered it.

2. Why is hiring USAM better than hiring salespeople?
Not only has USAM proven its excellence by bringing success to dozens of other firms, USAM saved them time and money, and relieved the administrative burden of managing a full business development team.
USAM charges an hourly rate for the time we spend actively working for you, eliminating the cost of downtime and the other overhead that comes with full-time employees. Of course, paying commissions for closed deals is required in both cases.


3. Do I depend on just one salesperson?

With USAM, you leverage a global team of seasoned salespeople that have each developed extensive networks of contacts in their decades as consumers and vendors of financial information and technology.  You simply can’t achieve the same reach with one or two direct hires.

4. When is hiring USAM the most valuable investment for my business?

USAM bridges the gap between founder-driven sales to early adopters and in-house teams used by more mature companies with mainstream offerings.

Ideally, USAM steps in once you have several production clients and at least one as a public reference. If that’s not you just yet, give us a call anyway. We love hearing about brilliant new ideas!


5. Will an outsourced salesperson be knowledgeable about my product?

USAM’s team has decades of domain expertise, allowing us to quickly understand your prospects’ challenges and how your solution benefits them. However, we’ll always bring you in for detailed discussions because you are the true expert no matter how much we learn about your offering.

Keep in mind that a big part of closing deals is orchestrating the right conversations with the right people at the right time. Putting your experts in front of buyers to support the value proposition and overcome objections is crucial to getting deals across the line.

6. USAM represents several vendors. How does that impact sales of my product?

Everyone benefits when we add new solutions to our portfolio:

  • our prospects appreciate the chance to learn about multiple innovative new offerings in one conversation
  • our sales team has more chances to develop trust with their best contacts by introducing only the offerings that match their needs
  • our providers benefit from our ongoing conversations with buyers, which allow us to introduce new offerings far more quickly and effectively versus cold calling
7. Do I pay for the time USAM spends on another vendor’s product?

No.  USAM records and bills only for the work we do for you, and sometimes we even reduce the cost, for example, when we cover more than one offering in a meeting.

8. How does USAM keep me informed of the sales process?

Along with the typical daily interactions salespeople have with our providers, we offer unparalleled transparency into our efforts, providing:

  • regular reports showing all activity and time spent working on your solution
  • scheduled check-in calls to keep priorities and activities aligned
  • sales forecasting and dashboard views for activity and performance using Sales Slicer


9. Will hiring an outside sales team damage my brand?

Quite the opposite! USAM has a reputation for only bringing the best offerings to market, so your firm will be associated with the cream of the crop.

10. How is USAM's marketing different than my PR firm?

USAM’s marketing is 100% dedicated to sales enablement. We dive deep into your value proposition and create engagement with collateral and digital awareness to help increase the number and quality of sales meetings.

PR firms complement our efforts with brand-level messaging to media outlets.

... Anything else?

With an entire team, you significantly increase the odds of having salespeople with an affinity for your product and an established network of interested buyers who trust that we offer only the best solutions.

And unlike an individual hire or two, we have a fully-staffed operation that supports you – and each other – with strategic and tactical advice, introductions, and marketing assets that help drive results.

Not to mention, we’re also a fun group of people to work with and know.  Give us a call!

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