Even the very best products don’t sell themselves!


USAM is your global ‘sales force in a box’. With us, you get a team of seasoned sales executives who will close deals for you, at less than the cost of hiring your own.

We give you:

    • ongoing engagement with our network of fintech buyers and influencers
    • complete transparency with deep visibility into every step of the enterprise sales process
    • data-driven insights using our Sales Slicer opportunity benchmarks to help shorten the sales cycle


USAM works with you to:

    • develop your value proposition by evaluating the size and urgency of the problem your offering addresses and pinpointing who it benefits most
    • test the target segment and buyer personas by tapping into USAM’s inner circle of interested technology buyers for feedback
    • recommend go-to-market positioning and approach

Then, unlike other advisory firms who stop there, we oversee and execute the sales strategy to grow your revenue.


USAM puts our clients’ best foot forward, and we equip our sales representatives for success.

We deliver:

    • tailored messaging that clearly and succinctly explains your service value
    • a sales toolkit with the full range of collateral to support the buyer journey
    • highly targeted digital campaigns that drive awareness and lead to direct engagement with your target users