We work exclusively with innovative yet proven solutions.

Quincy Data

Trade faster with wireless market data.

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Level the playing field with extremely low latency wireless data for key instruments at highly competitive prices. Quincy market data is distributed into major financial market data centers using the lowest possible latency microwave bandwidth.


Smart AI for improved customer service.

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Jaid is an incredibly powerful AI-driven platform that creates automated workflows from unstructured human communications, freeing your teams to work on solving problems and creating opportunities instead of slogging through overcrowded inboxes or administrative record-keeping. 

You also get real-time visibility into all the workflows so you can see where issues are coming from and where bottlenecks might be slowing you down.

Version 1

Experienced developers when you need them.

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When you need programmers who know data and know your business, turn to Version 1.

Highly skilled engineers with expertise in capital markets and insurance across all asset classes work with you to build solutions that focus on efficiency and performance.

Oxford Risk

Guide better investing outcomes with proven behavioral finance and science.

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Oxford Risk’s proven behavioral science gives wealth managers a highly accurate picture of each client’s risk profile appetite and tolerance and empowers advisors with tools to tailor advice and communication style appropriately. 

The result is happier clients that are far more likely to stay continuously invested, even during market downturns, which benefits all parties in the long term.


Advanced communications and trade surveillance on one platform.   

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Effectively monitoring modern communications channels often means dealing with separate systems, awkward workflows, and cumbersome, expensive archiving solutions.  

SteelEye’s data-centric approach makes it easy to combine data from any source into a single, secure repository for real-time access or archiving, and powerful analytics make proactive monitoring a reality.  On its own or integrated with trade surveillance for a holistic solution, you can count SteelEye to meet your most complex oversight requirements.

MAP Digital

Flawless multi-channel events and engagement with your key customers.

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With MAP Digital’s platform, process, and people behind you, everything about your in-person and online events will delight your clients and sponsors alike.

MAP Digital also gives deep insight into attendee actions which, combined with fully searchable event content and tight integration with marketing platforms, gives you everything needed to develop campaigns that strengthen client relationships for years after.


Dramatically boost user productivity and compliance for Windows desktop users.

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When high-value employees need to access multiple systems in a single workflow, the time they spend jumping around can drag down productivity and introduce errors.

Glue42 solves that problem, by weaving desktop applications into a single stream that intelligently shares data and encourages best practices. By giving users seamless access to the systems they need, Glue42 improves productivity and supports better decisions – along with better results.


Fully monetize your content.

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Simplify licensing and fee collection for existing data products and unleash new revenue with a modern and flexible online customer engagement portal. Automated and streamlined workflows connect all parties, collect all documents, and detect anomalies to ensure adherence to policies and deliver business insight.


Find missing payments before your clients do.

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Even in the most complex environments, Intix tracks, indexes, and correlates all payment messages. With this near real-time end-to-end view, you’ll catch small glitches before they become big issues.

By showing where payment friction happens, Intix helps you solve problems, save money, and improve customer service.

Client Testimonials

“USAM Group’s longstanding industry connections and technical savvy have added substantial leverage to our sales efforts. They are the boots on the ground and the persistent follow-up that has sealed and deepened many client relationships. We appreciate the level of communication and transparency that USAM provides and are confident that they represent our company the same way we do.”

Jim Considine

COO, Quincy Data

USAM Group delivered exactly what we needed to grow our client base in America: a well-connected sales team completely engaged with the right buyers. USAM Group’s ready-made team with deep connections to business and technical customers has accelerated our entry into the market and has significantly reduced the expense and risk of our direct hires.” 

Colin Pattison

Commercial Director, Version 1

Sample Of Past Clients